{REQUEST} ASUS TUF FX504GE BIOS v320, TDP capped to 25W when cpu+gpu under load

I can’t seem to provide link to the BIOS since I have less than 3 posts, will provide asap.
If you google “fx504ge drivers” and open the first link, select FX504GE from the dropdown and select windows 10 64bit, you’ll find the BIOS v320 there

The CPU runs at 45W in normal usage and even in Intel XTU while stress testing and stuff. But as soon as GPU load comes in, CPU TDP turns down to 25W.
And this thing happens instantly as I run any game, even when the CPU temp is at like 60C. Bcoz of this the CPU clocks down to like 2.4ghz and bottlenecks the GPU a hell lot.
It’s really annoying and I have been suffering a lot since 2 years before actually typing this post, please try to find out where the PL1/PL2 cap/limit is and make it to like 45-50W.
I live in a cold place and I am pretty sure that the CPU temps won’t ever go up. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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BIOS link above please help me out here, modify it and remove the 25W cap