[Request] Asus Vivobook F512UB BIOS needs to be Fixed

Hi guys, I have an Asus Vivobook F512UB with a corrupted bios. I read the bios with a programmer, but I’m not able to fix CSE ME with Intel flash image tool…
I tried to find another one but there isn’t any bios online.
Thanks for help

Dump F512UB.rar (5.71 MB)

I wouldn’t wonder too much about CSME, you got a corrupted volume in bios region… And did you empty the NVRAM yourself already? It’s completely native/ empty.


Looks like an update that stopped in the middle of the first static volume, but the beginning is 303, too, as far as I can see…


EDIT Dump opens fine in FIT, if you’re eager to or think you have two bricks at the same time (ME rarely bricks), clean the ME according to this guide [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization

The BIOS is a dump from programmer. I desolder the BIOS’s chip, read with a programmer and this is the result.
I try to use FIT but when I put a new Me Region, i’m not able to save a new bios, because in the programm appear an error

@Felk Were you able to repair the bios region? And what makes you think you should clean the ME?

(It’s sad that there’s an error in FIT but I’m not able to give you any advice without more precise information. If I use the guide it works flawlessly for me?)