[Request] ASUS VivoBook M513UA Ryzen 5700U Bios Mod / UMA Bufffer size unlock

Hello everyone !

I recently bought a Vivobook 15 OLED (M513, AMD Ryzen 5700u) 16GB RAM. everything is great but i cannot find in bios the UMA BUFFER option and is set by default to 512MB… i want to unlock the bios so i can increase it to 1-2GB if possible. I tried to look around in the bios file with some tools found on the forum but no luck. i hope maybe someone here has some ideeas on how to do this. i attached the bios flash file if needed.
PS:i’m willing to pay if anyone is able to get this unlock done.

results20.rar (6.45 MB)

X513UAAS.zip (7.55 MB)

I sadly cant help with the bios modding however, if you are looking to do this for more performance you dont want to increase the ram for the igpu. It gives 0 performance gains according to many people who have tested it and according to amd officially it only dedicates any in order to deal with legacy programs which change there behavior based on the vram amount. If you want increased performance through a bios mod you would want access to settings such as the fclk frequency to allow for it to hit 1600mhz rather than 1200mhz as the max. Or to tweak your ram frequencies or timings for better bandwidth for the igpu. Without bios modding you can also look to a windows program called "AATU" that lets you overclock your igpu and change the tdp of your apu. Also for better performance you might want to look into the modded nimez radeon drivers. Hopefully any of this information can help you, I use a ryzen 4500u daily so if u have any other none bios modding related questions i should be able to answer them.