[Request] Asus ws c621e sage B1 stepping

Hi all, wanting to request a bios for the Asus ws c621e sage that supports b1 stepping xeons, so I can run dual platinum p-8136. One seller on eBay has the file. However won’t provide unless I purchase the processors from them, but it’s cheaper else where.

This should get you going @josh23 - Allow B0 stepping on Asus W621E Sage (17)

Does that include B1 stepping? Title says b0 stepping. The CPU’s are OEM customised CPU’s, so not engineering sample, but not current retail stepping either. Either way I’ll have a try when the chips come in.

@Joshj23 - The title says B0 because that was the original request. But, yes, it should be fine! See the image and my description of the edited Mod BIOS. Although, I cannot say 100% for sure, unless you can tell me that CPU’s CPUID or SSPEC
That BIOS covers all ES, QS and pre-retail/Retail, and has ALL microcodes for all CPU’s (All stepping would be covered) that can fit in this board, so I assume no way really that it can’t work.
Provided you have a known USB Flashback compatible USB Stick, you should be good to go. Please be sure to see info at post201+204 about possible memory issues with some CPU’s

I’ve helped users on several boards get Xeon Scalable running, and I found this one instance below, which includes info about your exact CPU and it uses the 50653 rev 100013B microcode that is already in that BIOS mod I linked you to
[GUIDE] AMI INTEL CPU Microcode Update Guide (13)

As you can see in post below that too, I have newer microcodes I can put in later for you if you want, all confirmed working even the latest 144 one as he continued testing
So, after you get them, if you want me to re-update that mod BIOS with 144 microcode for you after you get up and running with the 13B in there now, let me know

Awesome, wasnt sure what the cpuid of the CPU was, so wasnt able to be 100% sure. The Sspec is SR2YN, I didn’t see the post with the CPU Sspec, thanks. When I get all the parts in, I don’t mind helping to test newer microcodes.

Yeap, that’s the one that user noted too. He already tested latest I had at that time 144, and it worked, so if you want, I can put that one into the SAGE BIOS once your ready, and I can try to see if there is a newer one out yet too