[Request] Asus X515DAP /M515DA - AMD Ryzen [UEFI BIOS Unlock]

Hey there :] amazing place

lets start with some nfo:
so i need bios unlocking for my laptop, its AMD 3250u w/ Vega3, have UEFI AMI Aptio V
current bios im using is 306 ,new is 309 but didnt updated yet.

if possible i want unlock of all options, the primary need is because of high heat - 90+
fans are slow till at least 85 so they dont ramp up fast to reduce heat.
so need mostly power saving/thermals/fans

here some links for laptop:


looking forward to working with you guys on this mod

waiting reply

user @Lost_N_BIOS was not online since 2021, maybe @genius239 could help you, or mail him.

i noticed
didnt know genius239 user is also in here, iv posted in other website he is making mods there, but he want spi programmer to continue… i dont have

also because iv see in here some experts making the mods (for AMD) without spi programmer, i also opened thread

i know how to save current bios in other software (supposed to be good backup to mod on)

Yes but not all mods works like the ones (for all AMD or system boards) you saw, so if he asks for it, he knows why, maybe from past users or personal experience.
AMD systems cant use some tools around like Intel systems and vice versa, for soft mods.
After all…its your request and others work/offer, agree? Good luck.

sure - but we can try, by looking at my bios backups from various software. we can see if its good
i think it will work, just need a user mod