[Request] Asus X99-A w/microcode rom updates

Hi all,

I would like to donate 5€ to the forum to help (or rather create for me) a bios file for my aging X99 gaming computer.

Asus X99-A w/ Bios Version 4101
Broadwell-E 6950X@4.3Ghz
32GB DDR3000
Intel 750 NVME pcie SSD
Gigabyte m2 Aorus SSD
OZC 512GB Sata SSD
3080 TI Founders Edition
Win 10 x64

- Update to latest Microcode
- Update the Roms of the internal components (but just with the x99 recommended ones)
- Any other performance beneficial additions possible?

EDIT by Fernando: Thread title corrected (our support is for free and doesn’t depend on the offered donation)

Here we go:


thanks man. much appreciated

I made the donation in your name : )