[Request] Asus X99-E Rebar support

Hello, i tried to mod the X99-E Beta BIOS 2101 to enable ReBar support, but i failed.

Can somebody please mod the Bios 2101 or 1902 to include and enable the ReBarUEFI driver?

Link to the Bios Versions: https://www.asus.com/de/supportonly/x99e/helpdesk_bios/

It is the Mainboard Asus X99-E NOT X99-E WS.


@Kendoo285 try this: X99EMod.rar (6.3 MB)

Sorry, that bricked my bios. I had to remove the cmos battery, use the clear cmos jumper and i had to remove all my ram to kick in the bios recovery.

Hello @Kendoo285,

Did it not work at all, or after you set a value with ReBAR Sate exe ?

Hello, it did not work at all.

I first flashed the original bios, than i flashed the modded .rom bios with afuwin (GAN support).
After that my computer started with a black screen.

Here is a modified 2101 version. Simple Rebar added with patches

X99-E-ASUS-2101_ReBAR_Patched.zip (6.9 MB)

ReBar.dxe added woth UEFI Tool

Patches applied via UEFIPatch tool

patch: replaced 22 bytes at offset 46CFh C70605000000833E067506C70604000000BE01000000 β†’ 909090909090833E067506909090909090BE01000000

PciBus | Don’t downgrade 64-bit BARs to 32-bit (by @Mak3rde)

3C1DE39F-D207-408A-AACC-731CFB7F1DD7 10 P:C70605000000833E067506C70604000000BE01000000:909090909090833E067506909090909090BE01000000

patch: replaced 8 bytes at offset FC6h 0F84B300000041F6 β†’ 90E9B300000041F6

AMI APTIO V NvramSmiDxe (Socket 2011-v3 MB: C612, X99) NVRAM whitelist unlock

54B070F3-9EB8-47CC-ADAF-39029C853CBB 10 P:0F84B300000041F6:90E9B300000041F6

patch: replaced 8 bytes at offset 14C2h FF000000760B48B8 β†’ 00100000760B48B8

PciBus | Increase 256 byte configuration space limit to 4096 byte allowing access to PCIe extended configuration space

3C1DE39F-D207-408A-AACC-731CFB7F1DD7 10 P:FF000000760B48B8:00100000760B48B8

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Thanks, will report back.

EDIT: That one worked like charm. Thanks a lot for your work!

Best regards from Germany!

Hi @Kendoo285 ,

You are welcome. Enjoy the system for a good while longer.

Best regards,