[REQUEST] Asus X99 Strix Gaming & Asus RAMPAGE-V-EDITION-10


Hi, I think I need your help, with UBU I updated iRST, intel LAN and CPU microcode in the latest official bios available for Asus X99 Strix Gaming and a RAMPAGE V EDITION 10, I noticed that there are two OROM iRST for SATA one is branch v13 and the other v14, after the update they are both v14,


reading the guides the advice is to stay in the branch but in my case the V13 controller becomes v14 is this ok? or is there a way to update them respectively to the latest versions of the branch?
could kindly check if everything is ok and possibly correct them?

original and modded bios here > ht*ps://mega.nz/folder/TolimQqL#g0XM09PPZnPdo3r_1aiIHQ (first post so can’t direct link) <

thank you in advance.

Install V14 drivers now and you’ll be good to go