[Request] ASUS Z170-AR BIOS to support CoffeeLake CPU

Ahh, great to hear that Celeron starts OK. Pause on first boot is fine, it probably has to reset some things, then reboots after that should be normal.
Great to hear this, I thought you were bricked and couldn’t even get the Celeron to work anymore. So, all is OK for now, wait on programmer and then just program in the full BIOS I sent you then you will be able to use the new CPU

Yes, sadly many places have been forced to close due to virus, so may have to wait on that for a bit At least you can still use the old CPU and use this board now, which is nice, I thought you were bricked or damaged

I got a tracking notification! It took several days, but the programmer has shipped.

Yes, that’s exactly what it’s doing.

I have flashed the BIOS using EZ Flash 3 to version 3801 and did a dump.

Am sending you the dump; link is in DM.

Nice, hopefully it will arrive soon! I will redo mod on your EZ Flashed 2801 BIOS.
And to answer your previous now edited out question, yes, that is why I wanted you to use EZ Flash to flash the stock BIOS files and then dump with FPT, so all board specifics remained in place.
How did you dump this, and how did you dump the previous backup you sent me, both same way?

It arrived today!

It was flashed with EZ Flash after booting into BIOS.

It was dumped with fptw.exe.

(The earlier backup was dumped with fptw64.exe, but I don’t use that any more, at your suggestion.)

@MentalNomad - Great your programmer arrived! What is your BIOS chip ID? Ohh, it looks like GD25B128C from page one, correct?
I will do your BIOS now… Wait, actually, give me a BIOS dump with your programmer and I’ll edit that, this way you get used to using. Use software version 1.34 and BIOS ID GD25Q128

Here is guide on using - [GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer
And here is general CH341A software, driver needs installed once only, before you start using - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…695330485827902

ASProgrammer 1.41 will also work, and has your exact chip ID - https://github.com/nofeletru/UsbAsp-flash/releases/

Got the programmer working to read; sending links in DM.

Both chips were flashed to 3801, dumped, and 7z together a Ultra.

Links in DM, @Lost_N_BIOS . Thanks, again.

Fixed BIOS sent in PM, let me know how it goes out here in case anyone else needs a variant of this BIOS later (I will rebuild it on stock BIOS for others)

Life got in the way, but I finally got around to getting the chip programmed (with Colibri) and I improved my CPU mod.

I took the advice to use tape to mask off the two pads I need to short, and then applying the silver conductive ink more heavily. Worked great.

New system boots into BIOS and Windows 10, no problems!

Will share pics another night… imgur keeps failing with errors.

THANKS A BILLION, Lost_N_BIOS and chinobino!


Photos on imgbb.com.


It’s OK, life has been a bit of a weird one for us all lately I’m sure, hope you are staying healthy!
Great to hear the masking off of the pads helped a lot with that conductive ink How much did that conductive ink pen cost you?

Also great to hear the mod BIOS is working good for you You’re welcome! Stay safe out there!

Staying safe is getting harder - I’m in a hot spot.

The pen was about $10 US.

@MentalNomad - Hope you can keep healthy my friend!! Thanks, I will have to look into these pens, always mean to get one for random quick tests, but forget to pick one up.

I wonder if he still has the bios. If not or how to modify it correctly. I have the asus z170 p, and the I 5 9400f

@adrianferna Hi and welcome to Win-Raid forums.

I wonder if he still has the bios.

As the final BIOS was sent by Lost_N_BIOS via PM I don’t have a copy of it.

I have the asus z170 p, and the I 5 9400f

It looks like you need a BIOS mod for the Z170P anyway, take note that you will need to isolate some CPU socket pins for the 9400F (as I mentioned above) and must use BIOS v2003 or later (it must have Kaby Lake support).

You should make a complete backup of your current BIOS before you start, using Intel’s FPT (Flash Programming Tool) which I described in this post above.

You can create the modified BIOS yourself using CoffeeTime v0.99 which has a nice GUI that is easy to use.

You can modify the backed up BIOS with CoffeeTime but I would suggest to reset everything to defaults before you make the backup.

You should also record/backup your motherboard’s serial number and UUID somewhere so you can’t lose them (e.g. write them down in a text file).

If you load the backup BIOS you made with FPT into CoffeeTime you should see the serial number & UUID (if you use a stock BIOS from Asus website it will not have your serial number or UUID).

In CoffeeTime you will need to change the Intel ME firmware to version 11.7.1xxx and insert the microcode for CPUID 906EA (make sure to keep 506E3 and 906E9 to support your old Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU).

You then need to patch each of the red areas (i.e. PCIe, SKU, Sync cores, ACPI, FD locks and disable NVRAM lock on the ‘Extra’ tab).

You can optionally patch for Init 8+ CPU cores and 16 thread support (only used for 9900K/9900KS).

Flashing the modified BIOS will be the hard part - I recommend using a hardware programmer as Asus seems to implement mutliple BIOS locks on the Z170 series (as evidenced by MentalNomad in this thread).

It’s almost all there but my Intel ME version is 11.8xxx and I can’t find the 11.7.1xxx version. Any idea where to find it?

@adrianferna Here is ME firmware and 1.5 MB for Consumer H chipsets: (2.8 MB)

You can use Intel FIT (Flash Image Tool) v11.8.86.3877 to downgrade the firmware (or use CoffeeTime as I suggested above, which is a lot easier).

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Any ideas?
I’m using the CH341A programmer

@adrianferna Are you trying to program the BIOS chip while it is still attached to the motherboard?

If so having power in the circuit can cause corruption - did you remove the ATX power supply and CMOS battery?

Also, did you make a backup and verify it?

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I had the chip plugged directly into the CH341A
It’s up and running, it’s started with the I 5 9400f.
I just had to reprogram the bios chip and it booted.

OtherIf it’s not too much of a hassle

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