[Request] ASUS Z87-A BIOS with NVMe Support

Can someone please provide the asus z87a bios that supports nvme in .CAP form? I couldn’t update my bios from the .ROM.

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In CAP u may get a security fail warning from Asus EZ in UEFI…
Stock CAP files is NOT for FPT flash. ALWAYS backup ur SPI (UUID, SN, etc…) before any further actions.
[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

Here is ur ASUS Z87-A 2103 Stock CAP NVMe mod only.

As always, the use of provided files, is user OWN risk ONLY, no responsibility for system failure/break.

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thanks a lot i succeeded the flash bios and my SSD is bootable now.

Hope you’re doing fine after this time, would it be possible for you to reupload this modded cap file for ASUS z87-A 2103?

Link re-newed.

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Just a question, I see that uploaded file has exactly the same size as original 2103 bios (byte to byte) should it be correct?

hey there, any chance we can get another link to this file? Thanks!

@Skunch I have a copy, but I think the last uploaded one is exaxlty the same as original stock 2103.
@MeatWar would you have some time to take a look?


Any BIOS modification (addition, replacement or removal of any module) should have no effect on the size of the entire BIOS file. The in-use BIOS modding tool will compensate the addition of a natively missing module by a stronger compression of the related BIOS Volume.



Hope you’re having a great weekend. Is it possible i could get the asus z87a modded cap file to flash the MB for NVMe support.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, same question, could I please have a new link to the file? Would appreciate it loads thanks

@Avinator @z87Aids
This is a “BIOS Modding Request” and not a “BIOS Modding Offer” thread.
If you are searching for a modded ASUS Z87-A BIOS with NVMe support, you can find it >here<.
Good luck!

@Avinator @z87Aids

See post #1 for the download & post #92 to see the flash requirement method;
as there is no flashback procedure with this board.
Save yourself many headaches! :face_with_monocle: :disguised_face: :wink: :partying_face: :rofl: :innocent: