[Request] ASUS Zenbook UX325JA BIOS unlock

Laptop model: ASUS Zenbook UX325JA, Intel i7 1065G7.

Reasons to unlock bios are the needs of disabling CFG Lock and S0i3(modern standby).

Hello! I would like to make a request to unlock the bios (version 309).

So far, I used UEFITool (0.25), ifrextract to get the QuestionId then Hex the PE32 body and replace it. The modbios looks perfect but when I flash back via ch341a, though the process was smooth, instead of normal booting , the machine boot into the EZFlash page directly. No matter how many times I check the procedure, the mod-bios. The flashing back is ok but the booting is always fail.

To flash back the unmod-dump file is ok to boot.

Grub and RU were both fail to locate the VarOffset.


backup00TrueOriginal.bin.zip (7 MB)

modbios.bin.zip (6.99 MB)

UX325JAAS.309.zip (6.64 MB)