Show all menus and options.
@Lost_N_BIOS I need your support to make all settings visible!


@Ruin - Thanks for making thread on this
I need images of ALL the BIOS you can currently see. Be sure to show root of all menus, then all settings and submenu content from top to bottom.
Please use F12 to screenshot to USB, then put in max compressed 7zip or zip and upload to a free file host. If you know how to batch resave, and F12’d images are 2-4MB BMP’s, then it would be great if you resaved them all as PNG or JPEG, whichever is less KB total
I am on limited internet, and only need to see the images for a second, so less KB/quality is OK, they just need to be easily readable. 10-20MB zip is fine, but 100MB+ is not, that’s my only main concern, thanks.


From 160MB to 1,19MB

MSI450.rar (1.19 MB)

Can some menus be activated in my bios?