[Request] B550M Mortar PBO over +200. + HPET disable

Sup guys. I’ve been recently playing with different bios versions on my B550M Mortar board with 5600x. I found that beta bios from december 2020 (deleted from msi site) allows you to run PBO up to +500 (5150mhz!) but unfortunately this version of bios gives WHEAS every 2 hours even when pbo disabled.
The latest and most stable in terms of OC version of bios allows only +200 pbo, Could anyone unlock PBO and disable HPET for me?

I have seen a post here with HPET disabled on b550m mortar wifi.

Beta bios with +500 pbo as example :

Stable best bios which need to be modified :

If this board has any hidden features i would be pleased to see them unlocked.
I have time to wait and could do any dump if needed. Just tell which software i have to use.

If you can submit +200 pbo – screenshot of HPET. I can try. Because I don’t know the exact name of the option.

Hi. Thanks for the response. Could you please clarify what do you mean by “screenshot of HPET”?
This motherboard has no option to disable HPET.
The pbo option looks like this. On latest (.1D0) bios :

On (.154) beta its different.

Hi. Arrived late. You can publish Settings—Advanced—Boot. Screenshots of the three parts?

Nice to see you again! :slight_smile:



Other screenshots in case if you need them : (rar archive)

Screens from .154 beta bios.



Integrated Peripherals

OC - Advanced CPU Configuration

AMD Overclocking with +500 pbo set

try it. Feedback results.

Thanks for doing a mod for me, but i was unable to flash it. MSI Flash tool doesnt see the files. I guess that is due .BIN extension. Should i rename file extension to .1D0 and try?


Yes, you can change the extension, try MSI Flash. Maybe a WSON8 programmer is the right path?

Tried changing the extension. MSI flash still does not see any files. Programmer is not a way for me since im no longer work in repair service and not up to buy one just for single time flash.