[Request] Bifurcation Gigabyte X99 Gaming G1 Wifi

Not really good with this stuff, tried to follow the guide and could not get my head around it.

Anyone able to enable this on a ROM for me?

@dead_man00124 - I will have to make you x12 BIOS to start first test, to find which setting/area = which slot you want to bifurcate, then there may be more test after that as well, especially if none of the first 12 BIOS split the slot you want.
What is your intended target bifurcation setting for the desired slot?

* Edit @dead_man00124 - Here is initial round of x12 BIOS. Flash via Qflash, then load optimized, reboot back to BIOS and make all other changes you need, then boot to windows, shut down and insert the card you need bifurcated into the slot you want.
If it’s not bifurcated, then test next BIOS, and so on, until you find the BIOS that splits the slot you want. Repeat tests for any additional slots you want bifurcated as well
Once done, if you need a combo of any of these applied settings, to split two slots for example, let me know which BIOS split which slot for you and then I can make one more BIOS that applies those settings into a single BIOS.