[Request] bios asus k20cd QNCT

I have an asus vivopc k20cd with h110m / k20cd / dp_mb motherboard and I bought the QNCT (6/12) 8th processor from aliexpress for it, unfortunately the seller tells me that it does not have the bios for this motherboard. I’ve been testing a lot of settings on the coffeetime program and couldn’t get it to work, the vendor told me he needed the “06ea” microcodes.

I have tried to update vbios, cop, ME, fix ASCI and change microcodes with coffeetime but I can’t get it to work, something must escape me.

The original bios of my pc can be downloaded from the asus page:

https: // dlcdnets.asus
.com / pub / ASUS / Desktop / M32CD / H110-I-ASUS-M32CD4-1102.zip

I have ch341a and necessary programs to test everything. Thank you

Hello everyone, after tinkering with the bios for many hours, I realized that the original bios of my asus did not allow to patch PCIe x16, I downloaded a few old versions of the bios and coincidentally in one of them it did let me patch the PCIe so I decided to modify this. I added microcodes, Vbios, etc and flashed it and it works !!!

The problem was the whole damn PCIe x16 patch.

I leave the final bios file here, in case someone needs it.

Thank you so much.

https:// mega.nz/file/8k8lQCoC#fVlW7vuBEJEl5mlINgHpXkE8Kqy0A4zLBfgdXG51bTM

Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks to you, I will also take the QNCT (6/12) 8th and test it. Not before 2 months for delivery !!

would you know if it is possible to adapt a bios from another motherboard on the "k20cd"?
— —
example the "H110M-PLUS"?

Hello, I received my CPU unfortunately your bios file does not work on my "k20cd".
I have flached with -ch341a- but I only have a black screen.
can you help me please? :tired_face: