[Request] Bios burning as a service?

I have been trying to read and write a bios on my EZP2023 and apparently it is not compatible with the chip I am trying to read/flash. Is there some one on here that would flash me a bios on a chip and mail to me as a service ?

The bios is for a super micro X10 platform and I do have the bin file that super micro provides

There are programmed chips available at ebay and ali, possibly other sources, too. In addition a local computer shop might have a programmer and will do it for you…

I can get the chips and mail them. And the only shop that would do it is the one I use to work for . With the new people there its defiantly a no go thats why I have turned here to see if I could find someone with the knowledge already


What about contacting the Supermicro Support?
This is a Forum and not a shop. We are trying to help and give advices, but we do not overtake the tasks of the user or the merchant/manufacturer.
Bumping such requests doesn’t help (neither you nor us).

I understand it is a forum and not a shop, but I bumped it in the case to get fresh eyes on the subject. My hopes that it was a possibility that some one might even have the knowledge of a shop that could handle the request or even a individual that could do this for me. As far as supermicro goes the are hands off on this project due so the contracts in place with HP/Nimble. I have even tried to call in to order the SM x10 bios chip but once they get the S/n they stop all help. and HP is no help at all with out a couple thousand dollar contract.