[Request] BIOS extract and flash by EFI Shell Acer SF315-52

Didn’t ask you to rewrite?

In addition you didn’t mention flashing other firmware from earlier posts?

I tried again and confirmed that the file I wrote to the chip then read it again and saved it as backup file 2, then compared backup file 2 and the first backup file to be the same, absolutely no difference, and result the machine is a 100% dead, no fans, nol ights, no reaction at all

Seems that the 108 bios you backed up is non stock, but modded?

i went through the clean up of my area and clone the bios area, i want to recreate a complete bios clone to get my laptop working again what do i need to do, serial copy, mac network , the hdd id from the backup file to the new file cannot be created or how can I edit the id in my region to match the PCH.

I want to recreate a complete bios, what do I need to prepare? Please help me

This wasn’t a backup of a working bios, and it’s not stock, it’s changed intentionally in NVRAMsetup defaults in DXE volume and in one (of 2?) NVRAMs

and in addition a single bit in setupdata is changed compared to stock bios region.

You might have recognized the comment in the parser, that these changes are in a hash- protected area and that the image might refuse to boot:

So what you’re telling about your backup doesn’t seem to be close to the true history of these dump, the provided file is far from stock or a working backup- it probably never booted. It’s unclear who made the changes and then it’s not even sure that this dump is at least from your machine.

There are some images out there, are all of them based on stock bios region 1.07.
Acer lets the bios region begin with 4 kB of ‘something’ at 1FF000, just the size of the capsule, but in all images I found those 4 kB identical while in one of your dumps it’s different and none of the capsules in Acers update files is identical either. Meaning/ importance of this block is unclear.
Unfortunaltely all images I found have slightly different ME- settings.

So there’s too little reliable information and too many unaswered questions and already a lot of time used finding out what one’s dealing with. Good luck!

My laptop working with error picture