(REQUEST) Bios Laptop Gigabyte AORUS 15P WB

Hi guys, i recently bough an laptop and some of its keys were not working. Like 5-6 keys. I noticed that some people had this issue aswell, and recommended me to exclude the Gigabyte Control Center. I did so, and almost all keys came back from the dead. Except one, the left control. I have tried everything that you can imagine, and had no success. I have some reasons to believe that a bios update may make it work again.

The problem is, i cant find this bios ANYWHERE, not for this laptop. Can you please help me find it?

AORUS 15P (Intel 10th Gen)

I see that your product is still supported.but there are no bios files released yet.I recommend waiting for one,or contacting support

Control Center (dated 2‎021/01/26)
Azure AI (dated 2‎021/01/21)

do u think it may solve my problem?

I believe so.sounds like the device has a defect and if still under guarantee,they have to
Call them and ask,you will loose nothing by doing so