[Request] Bios Mod Asus Eee 1215N

Hello Everyone

So i am reviving an old netbook, and found out it is overclockable. And afeter hitting 2.2 Ghz blockade, i was looking in other ways, found out that similiar platform was released with bios options allowing modification of voltage and fsb in bios (Zbox ID4).
And i was looking inside the bios myself (AMIBCP) and found that there is nothing of such.

I was wondering if there is any method of adding/unlocking this options on my netbook, it would really give him another life.

And yes i am awere of the risk, and i am capable of desoldering bios and reprogramming, temperatures are ok by far, on 2.2 it hits 60C under prime95.

Please tell honestly if it is doable, isnt, or noone has time for that dinosaur :stuck_out_tongue:

If it is doable options i am interseted would be, fsb and volt control on CPU, timng and speed control for memory, ew. volt control.

Nobody? Not even get lost? :frowning: