[REQUEST] BIOS Mod for ASUS P9X79 WS and P9X79-E WS

I’ve seen some older posts about these, but I can no longer DL the files for them. I have both a p9x79 ws and a p9x79-e ws in my server stack. Both cant use NVMe drives, I was wondering if anyone could make me a new BIOS for the two boards or had the older ones available for a repost. I’d like to be able to use 4 drives per slot if possible, if not 2 will be fine. Thank you all for the help, I’ve been trying to mod my own BIOS for hours now and cant get anywhere.

Edit by Fernando: Thread title shortened

I can only offer NVMe mod on the 2 models, not any mods related to BI.
Or u can try it urself with Fernandos guide, its easy to do.

Apart from the user Lost that has been away since January, try to get the files from other users, use @username, in order to notify them.

Yes please and could you link me the guide? sorry been searching… I cant find it

Here is backup for P9X79-E WS.

P9X79-E_WS.rar (9.49 MB)