[Request] BIOS Mod for Lenovo CIH61MI V1.1 Motherboard

As the title suggests, I am sorry for going straight in to talking. I have no experience with modifying code or programs, or even the lines of code in a BIOS. But I do have a issue:

My Lenovo CIH61MI V1.1 motherboard is quite… restricted in graphics cards.

There was a modified BIOS in a Russian website, but that is restricted to oblivion. So I’m wondering if I could ask here.

Reason being is that I am testing a GT 1030 for stability concerns, but because of the BIOS from this motherboard (this is from a Lenovo H520s desktop computer), it is rather restricted with graphics card selections, from taking too long to boot (it is stuck in the boot screen compared to my other old card, an AMD card and the CPU’s iGPU).

I apologize if its not clear enough.

Have a good day!!

bump, i feel bad for doing this

@PartyUpsInMyHouse - It’s OK, and sorry no reply for so long! Please link me to the Russian BIOS site you wanted, I will see if I can get for you

Generally what you want to do is not about BIOS restrictions, but about compatibility of the BIOS and vBIOS on the board or in the BIOS itself, and often you can’t just swap in another card without it being already sold in this exact system because the cards vBIOS would not have same outputs and output ID’s coded into it that your system uses.

Granted, the site is in a forum site called "vlad.su"

Here is the website, just as you mentioned. :slight_smile:

vlad.su CIH61MI V1.1

Also, thanks!!

hey did you ever get the modded bios from the website?