I’ve got an old Notebook(Medion MD96500) with a Phoenix Bios.
I would like to whitelist the miniPCI slot and unlock all menues if there are some. I also get a black screen when booting with an eGPU connected through the expresscard slot, is there a way to make to Bios able to use it? The Bios is only recognizing 2GB ram(according to Intel 2GB ram is maximum for this chipset), when I connect a 1GB and a 2GB ram stick. When I put in two 2GB sticks it also Black screens. But when I boot into Windows, with 3GB ram installed, Windows recognizing 3GB ram of which 2GB are usable. Is it possible to make the Bios recognize the installed 3GB?

Manufacture - Medion MD 96500
Motherboard - WIM 2040
BIOS Version - R01-A0Q
BIOS Vendor - Phoenix Bios
I attached the Bios Version.

Thanks for any help or Idea’s

f45t228p3063773n1.zip (839 KB)