[Request] BIOS Unlock - Acer Predator Helios 300 PH317-54

Laptop model: Acer Predator Helios 300 PH317-54
Bios version: InsydeH20 Rev. 5.0 v1.06

I have v1.06 bios from Acers official support page, can’t post link because I am a new user here.

@Sweet_Kitten I have seen you help other people on this forum with unlocking advanced bios options on their Acer laptops, I also ask for your help.

Run the BACKUP_Tools program to obtain a backup of your BIOS (it’ll create results.rar archive on desktop). Also, I need a copy of your BIOS variables (run “GET VARS.bat” from this archive and share with me the output file “vars.txt”).

Why there are so many requests today from you guys?

Attached is the vars.txt file you requested. Also here is the link to results.rar: sendspace(.)com/file/0g2xrk

I uploaded to sendspace since the file is bigger than 12 MB allowed here.

vars.txt (224 KB)

BIOS mod: InfinityGosha.zip. Extract the contents of the archive to a separate folder.
1. Run 'SET VARS.bat" and reboot.
2. Run “FLASH.bat”.

Thank you very much good sir, it works. Would you accept some coffee money as a thank you ?

I don’t accept donations.

Well then, let it be known that @Sweet_Kitten saved my month, well done.