[Request] BIOS Unlock - Acer Predator Helios PH315-53

Fail to load driver (PCI access for Windows).
Tool needs to run with an administrator priviledge account.


@Sweet_Kitten sorry about the re-post but I really need it. I’ve reuploaded the correct vars and results this time. Please check it if u have time.

vars.txt (224 KB)

results20.rar (9.88 MB)

BIOS mod: StrikerZ987.zip. Extract the contents of the archive to a separate folder.
1. Run 'SET VARS.bat" and reboot.
2. Run “FLASH.bat”.

@Sweet_Kitten I have the same model too. Could you unlock it for me too please?

link.txt (82 Bytes)

vars.txt (228 KB)

BIOS mod: thehaveroth.zip

@Sweet_Kitten hello, can you make an extended bios for me, please
otherwise it hurts to use a laptop

DMP link.txt (84 Bytes)

hello i used your bios vernom and there is an admin password would it be possible to give it to me in pv?

Ofc there is a password. Vernnon must have set it. Ask him, because I don’t know the password.

Hi Friend @ItsTheEternity, send me a PM and i’ll send to you the pass…

@Sweet_Kitten Hi Bro, how are you? I getting a new predator (i love this model) and i`ll need to unlock the bios. Version is PH315-54-70LH. can you send me the tools to extract the vars and send to you?

From the moment I got tired of making BIOS mods and the moment I discovered the power of PowerShell, BIOS backups and its variables are no longer required.
A windows batch script is awaiting: Acer PH315-54.

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What this tool will do? Can you give me a little brief of it? @Sweet_Kitten

It’ll do the same thing I do to unlock, but in automatic mode.

First - sets variables. It reads them, edits (new) and writes to memory.
Second - modifies the BIOS. It reads the BIOS to a file, edits (new) and flashes it.
Previously, I would left editing to myself, because I did not know how to automate it.

So, how it does edits varibles:
H2OUVE program saves the “PchSetup” into a text, then the script locates strings “00000010” and recedes 35 chars right, locates strings “00000680” and recedes 8 chars to disable BIOS Lock 0x01C and FPRR 0x683 accordingly.
Finally, It edits BIOS image using UEFIPatch (functioning as UEFITool) program along with the patches prepared in advance.

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@Sweet_Kitten the last question: this tool will open advanced settings in bios or only enable the undervolt option?

The script aims to open advanced settings. Except settings of memory, these are unconfigurable on 315-54.

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@Sweet_Kitten tks one more time buddy, as soon i got the laptop i test and let you know…

using you scrit it gave me this error:

Error 167: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access.
Please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an option to disable
Protected Range Registers.

I never cease to wonder why FPRR disabler scripts only work for some people, as for ybbob for example. And can’t understand why, his bios was unlocked and I didn’t even ask for a variables backup. I agree that sometimes this is my mistake in choosing the right version of the Management Engine, but this is due to inattention. Although I pre-test all the main things that the script does and its all good.

I want to ask you, did you use the script files just after you downloaded the archive, today? Before you, there was another user who also had no luck with script working. It was yesterday and after that I did some work on it, but all the same. I thought it somehow would work for you.

@Sweet_Kitten i did download the script i think 3 or 4 day ago…