Request. Bios Unlock for: Fujitsu Scenic S2 DT3-D1382 Bios 1.06 [Phoenix]

I would need to get a bios-unlock (for overclocking options mostly) for an older Fujitsu Siemens Scenic S2 DT3-D1382 With Bios R1.06
I’m helping a fellowship out with a smaller unpaid work of getting 7 of this PCs running fine again as we will just give them away for free to members which not yet have a computer in their household. The fellowship are getting newer laptops to replace these old desktop PCs so that’s why we have chosen to give them away after having cleaned out the HDDs properly and a fresh install of Windows XP again. I also open up every computer to remove dust in general and from the Cpu heatsink to make them run as smooth as possible.
It is only Pentium 4 Northwood 2.2 or 2.4GHz and I would like to speed them up somewhat with an overclocking.

Bios link:…lhYRkZbWGBcThsg

Bios link to the Floppy-edition of this bios update:…E9PPT1bWGBgThoh

You can choose which one of these two above you choose to Mod. I would be fine with any of them.

@ Xyra:
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I am sorry, but I cannot help you with this sort of BIOS modding. You should better look >here< or >here<.
Furthermore I generally do not modify any BIOS upon request. Instead of doing that I have written a lot of guides about how the users can do it themselves.


I posted the request in the two forums and another which you linked to not very long ago, but so far no positive outcome.…os-R1-06-unlock…-others/page181…1382-bios-1-06/

I may be about to offer 30 Usd as donation to any of these four forums which gets the Mod ready first.

Good luck!
By the way: You should not expect too much from the German Win-Lite Forum. It was just me, who created and supported the “BIOS Modding” Forum section until May 2013, when I started this Forum.

EDIT: The last link is dead, because the "German Win-Lite Forum (domain doesn’t exist anymore since March 2014.