[REQUEST] Bios Unlock - Packard Bell Easynote MX65

I have an Packard Bell easynote MX65 and there is no option to change anything. (No cpu options, no RAM options, no VGA options, etc.)

motherboard T12J 08G21TJ0022J (ASUS MB T12j)
socket 479 mPGA
Chipset INTEL 945PM chipset rev 03
Southbridge Intel 82801GHM (ICH-7M/U) rev B0
VGA PCI-E 1.0 Geforce Go 7300 64Mo - Board Manuf. 0x1631 (0xC022) - Code Name G72 Rev A3

- I change the RAM with 4Go but cant setup timings in Advanced settings.
- no options for CPU, the VID is lock at 1.15V but CPU can reach 1.0375V-1.300V temp never reach Tjmax.
- no options for the amount of VRAM the Nvidia Geforce GO 7300 (integrated video card) takes, at the moment my VRAM is set by default to 1 GB, meaning I can use only 3 GB.

I would like to unlock the bios options (I check with AMIBCP v3.51 but nothing is hide). I try to look guide but dont find anything on how to edit/add this. I find a similar ASUS T12Uag with VGA Settings but cant find what i need to do with MMTool or HEx.
Can it be done? or explain me how ?

The actual bios is attached below (T12JNC v304) And i find a similar asus bios (t12Uag V209) with VGA settings

Thanks in advance,

rom.rar (803 KB)