[Request] Bios with NVMe boot support for Gigabyte Z87-HD3


Could someone please mod the BIOS of GA-Z87-HD3 ATX mainboard from Gigabyte to allow NVMe booting? I’d be really grateful.

The latest native BIOS is version F4 from 2014.

Thanks in advance! Hope that someone still deals with those “senior” devices…

Only F6/7/8 on page product, so u want the latest F8 or the F4, if F4 provide file/dump.

EDIT 29-06-2021: Bios MOD NVMe only, version F8, Q-Flash primary or EFIflash as alternative. Never OS dependent operation.

NOTE: System MUST be flashed to same version F8 using Gigabyte regular update before the mod.

As usually, provided bios mod files and its use, are USER OWN risk only. Insure the knowledge of a system recovery in a fail operation.

Please do report back for user future guidance.

Z87HD3_nvme.zip (5.72 MB)

I am looking for this BIOS mod for the same motherboard. My current version is F8.

Sorry, please for latest version F8.

Hello, tried to download the file: Forbidden. Is there an alternate URL? Thanks in advance.

Thank you so much, MeatWar! Will test this as soon as possible!

Here U go :