[Request] Biostar Hi-Fi B85N-3D V5.2 with NVme support

Hello Guys! I just received the old mainboard named Biostar Hi-FI B85N-3D. Just followed This Tutorial but i met the error.
Can anyone help me of making this Bios mod Nvme support for this mainboard.
Link to the Spec and Information of the Mainboard: Best Gaming Motherboards Recommend, Computer Components Manufacturers (biostar.com.tw)
I attached the original Bios.
Thanks for help!
B85AIB24.zip (5.0 MB)

B85AIB24_mod.zip (5.0 MB)

after I downloaded the bios mod, the mainboard flashed successfully but after reboot, the machine not boot anymore. Just a black screen, the cpu fan works for 10s then off. Any idea of fixing this situation sir?

@ronsmith. what program you use for flasihing?

could be bricked, need a ch341a programmer to fix this

I used BIOSTAR BIOS flasher, using the the F12 then follow step by step as it shows in user manual of mainboard

im looking for that device. Maybe can fix it.

Maybe when i flash it using the Biostar BIOS flasher, its brick the fw of the BIOS chip.
Can u give me the tutorial how to flash it propertly?

you could try to use intel fpt. but mostly, recover your bios chip first.

I just received the ch341a and recover the bios chip. I start to try flash the BIOS mod again but still not working.

flash normal bios first and confirm if its working.

if normal bios working, try this (no padding files were destroyed/created):
B85AIB24MOD.rar (4.8 MB)

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Your Bios works like a charm sir, just flash it through Biostar BIOS flasher with no problem. Now i can using M2 Nvme SSD on that PCIE slot. Appreciate it sir. Many thanks.

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Nice, glad it worked.