[REQUEST] Compal QAL51 Advanced Menu Unlock

Hello everyone!
I’m not a native english speaker. sorry for my languages

my system is Compal QAL51. It is quite old laptop
so I’m planning to upgrade cpu from 3230m to 3720qm or 3920xm

why 3720qm or 3920xm is that

bios feature is all locked even fan control except for only boot menu
3920xm has unlocked multiplier
but if I can’t set multiplier in bios, 3920xm will be useless

and I want to set manually fan speed. If I could

I tried to mod bios myself with H2OUVE tool
but H2OUVE crashed when I clicked the setup menu

I also tried IFR Extractor, I didn’t get any meaningful values

bios is consist of QALXX640.bin(6MB) and K5FE640A.ROM(128kb)
I think .bin (6MB) is main file
I don’t know what .rom(128kb) file is
I attached whole bios files and tools just in case

please help!! and I thank you all!!

QALXX_BIOS_V640_Win.zip (4.84 MB)

Hi! Thanks for sharing. The ".rom" file is EC (Embedded Controller) image for your device.

Sadly, this is the only wish I can satisfy. There is no processor multiplier control in your BIOS.
After installing my mod, the fan settings should be located under the path “Chipset - Thermal Configuration - Platform Thermal Configuration”.

Thank you for your affort!!
It is nicely done

but there are not multiplier option and Thermal option both lol

It is ok. It was exciting experience

have a good day man!



Oh! Now I see. The manufacturer has defined TC in a separate tab, thereby blocking access to the settings, because now nothing refers to them. I don’t think I should continue modifying this bios. Thanks for feedback!

ohh… wait you mean there is another tab, It can be moded and It can show Thermal option?

oh please Could you do me a favor one more time!!

my contry is getting hotter and hotter. because summer is comming
It will be very great let me set fan speed and cpu voltage(undervolting)

In other hand
I used H20EZE and found something you discribed in bios
Chipset - Thermal Configuration - Platform Thermal Configuration is there

and cpu configuration is also there

If I can set cpu multiplier, my 9 years old tiny laptop can long live with 3920xm
please help

If you can’t mod bios anymore at all
Could you introduce me some tools or article of guide something? If it is

I have 4 Insyde bios tools H20UVE H20EZE H20SDE H20FFT
nothing could help me

I always thank you for your effort!!
I look forward to hearing your response




Yes! I roughly imagined your BIOS setup, but it looks like a lot still remains inaccessible. I don’t know why all this is there, even if the manufacturer cannot have access!? I say this because the only way to unlock I see the cut and paste method.

Compal QA51.jpg

I still don’t know how everything is in reality, because I don’t have bios pictures. I could have continued that way - IFRExractor can still process my modified modules without errors. But, nevertheless, I cannot be completely sure that my work is not useless. You need to do tests. However, I can't see the overclocking menus.
Second BIOS mod is available: Compal QAL51.zip.