[Request]Corrupt X441NC REV2 bios

My Asus X441NC laptop with a mb X441NC REV 2 not power on. After some research I found out the BIOS got corrupted. I backed up the corrupt bios and flashed a BIOS from youtube and got it working again. But in the BIOS setting screen I found the Serial Number is not showing and the laptop seems power on automatically when the power adapter is plugged without pressing the power-on key.
Here is the corrupt bios backed up before flashing a working bios,
corrupt bios backup
Below is the working bios power on automatically at first boot and no serial number at bios setting screen.
working bios downloaded from youtube
Any help to extract serial number and insert to the working bios and disable poweron at first boot?
The latest official BIOS linked below.
Is it possible to make a bios based on my corrupt bios? Extract serial number and LAN MAC and insert to official ASUS bios and update EFI driver, CPU Microcode.