[REQUEST] Custom microcode on ASRock b450m pro4 r2.0

hello I’m trying and failing at putting the microcode for cpu00660F00_ver06006012_2014-10-14_5FF7FE99.bin and cpu00660F01_ver0600611A_2018-01-26_6ADE0289.bin into my bios
i’m a complete noob when it comes to this stuff I’d like to learn but there isn’t necessarily a guide to it

when I use the AB350m bios the PC boots without RGB support and with the B450m it just bootloops as expected

I’m uploading both bios all I want is the CPU support from the AB350m on the B450m bios

AB350M Pro4(5.90)ROM.zip (7.7 MB)

B450M Pro4 R2.0(4.40)ROM.zip (9.27 MB)

AGESA is a non go here… and newer bios protections AMD400 Series also an issue.
Wot u want is injection of mcode… if it was update then UBU could do it.
Havent seen, that i can recall such injection besides some cross flashing bios.
My opinion only…

If I copied the AGESA from the ab350m to the b450m it should in theory work? because it works with an Athlon x4 950 on a B450 chipset running the B350 bios everything so far works even the windows chipset drivers installed

I don’t know where to find or put the AGESA binary

Its not so simple as theres a lot internal relations to other bios modules inside the structure, regarding AGESA and mcodes, and im not just talking about the AGESADXE driver module… its not so simple as an Intel platform bios.
Try to get an opinion from the user “Ket”: [OFFER] Gigabyte GA-AX370-Aorus Gaming 5 BIOS mod
But keep the expectations low on this… good luck.

Ok good to know