[Request] Dell G3 3579 BIOS iGPU disabling issue (when eGPU connected)


I hope the subject is not too confusing!

Basically what I have is a nice Dell G3 3579 laptop with nice specs and a eGPU setup ready to go. The laptop itself has a Intel iGPU (UHD Graphics 630) and NVIDIA dGPU (GTX 1050Ti). I have a EXP GDC eGPU adapter that does PCI-E 3.0 4x through NVME. I have already tested this (with a GTX 1080Ti) and it works however there is one issue.

When I connect my eGPU through the NVME socket on my laptop motherboard the BIOS detects the eGPU just fine, however the BIOS does some funky stuff with the GPU configuration. What happens is this - GTX 1080Ti gets recognized as unknown graphics device by BIOS and gets assigned as the dGPU of the laptop where GTX 1050Ti usually is AND the GTX 1050Ti instead of being disabled assigns itself as the iGPU of the laptop so the BIOS straight up disables Intel intagrated graphics!!!

And what happens is the setup itself works, windows boots, device manager shows GTX 1050Ti and GTX 1080Ti but Intel UHD Graphics 630 is nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately this is an issue because even though the eGPU works and I get great perfromance increase the laptops internal screen is just not working at all (As it is connected through the Intel GPU not the GTX1050Ti).

Now could somebody have a look on the BIOS if there is some hidden setttings that can be unlocked in regards to GPU configuration?

I would love to have a setting or a way for the bios to either disable the GTX1050Ti when the GTX1080Ti is connected leaving the UHD 630 connected (iGPU stays the same but dGPU changes from 1050 to 1080). Or enable all three at the same time.

I have a 2 BIOS dumps that I have found on the internet and I’m pretty sure it is for the same model as I have. Because the file size is too big I can’t upload them to attachments and because this is my first post I can’t add links =( but I have them and if they are needed please let me know and I will provide them.

Maybe someone can use those as starting points just to check whether those settings or changing something in regards to GPU configuration is even possible.

I also have a USB BIOS dump/flash device that I can use to dump my laptop actual BIOS if anyone needs it. For the time being I just want to know if changing these things on the bios side is even possible and if there is someone that could do it. If there is someone that can do it and is successful I will pay for it whatever the modder thinks is adequate for the job.

I will add a picture that will explain how the BIOS assigns the video devices when 1080 is connected.


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My OneDrive link to BIOS dumps:

Sorry if this is against the rules but the dumps are 6.5MB each (and thats with compression!) and I can’t upload them to attachments because of 6MB limit.

Without these nobody can help me in any way so I have to. Thanks.