[REQUEST] Dell Inspiron 15-7559 unlocked bios

hi @Lost_N_BIOS , i wanted to unlock the bios for my 15" (1080p) dell inspiron 15-7559 gaming laptop, i have TPM and secure boot disabled, i also enabled legacy support in case it’s needed for whatever reason.

i used “backup_tools” to do a dump from cmd.exe, the results.rar include the FPT and ME info along with some other results/logs and i think this is all you would need but please let me know if you need more. if it’s possible to avoid SPI tool programming either by RU or some other tool that would be great but if not then i already have an spi tool if it’s needed.

Backup-Tools dump: https://share.unixfy.net/results.rar
Link to current bios: https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER05684627M/1/In…_7559_1.3.1.EXE

thanks for your time, i hope we can make this one work

i seem unable to even update windows, an unlocked bios i flashed a few months back that didnt end up actually being unlocked has changed my product id from "0H87XC" which is the i5-6300HQ model to "0H0CC0" which is the i7 model.