[REQUEST] Dell Inspiron 3647 mod NVME support

Quick reply because it’s time I hit the sack.

Notice how the initial request was for an Inspiron 3647 and yours for a 3847 (unless it was a typo), so different machines. They could share the same firmware even then, but BIOS modifications need to be performed in ones’ dump, they can’t be used in other machines even if the model is the same.

Or rather, the can, but shouldn’t, because it is not just the common code that goes in a BIOS dump, it is also identifiers and whatnot about a particular machine. Things like, OEM Windows licensing would become invalid if flashing a modification made for a different person, or the machine serial number, asset tag, etc.

Which is why MeatWar directed OP to create a dump of their BIOS and then follow a guide to enable or add NVMe support. Personally I have no experience doing it, would I follow a guide to do it if I needed to? Sure! It’s all learning either way so it’s good. Now, doing it for me is one thing, I’m comfortable with it because I know the risks involved and I have accepted that if anything were to go wrong I’d need to use a programmer on the SPI chip directly to go back to some sane state; doing it for another person adds another layer of responsibility that not many like to take on.

That said, the guide seems quite well made :wink:

It’s for the 3847 it was mentioned in these threads as a 3647, which wasn’t what was required .

Anyhow, does anyone have the modded NVMe a11 bios ? It’s an old pc so no biggie if it bricks it, it’s just worth a shot , if anyone could kindly let me try ?

Regards Andrew

“no biggie"if it bricks” So what your waiting for? Too lazy to follow the guides, like thousands of users already did…seems so, your wait could be in vain my friend…

EDIT: No rudeness dear… just your true intentions that others do the work for you and no sympathy for the forum, the help/tips or for users that gave their time and dedication to the wonderful guides, free for all… oh and you have no intentions to learn also.
But you do have a business dont you…is it free?

Anyway all the best for you and your business, good luck.

EDIT: Glad you made, enjoy.

EDIT: Done… free advertising no? Ok…

Need need for rudeness dear

I’ve got the modded bios all good , many thanks for the advice meatwar👍

Anyway , all the best for you and your business as well😊

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Could you remove the picture you have uploaded please of my business, this has nothing to do with the thread, and contravenes the forums rules as well.

Thank you !

Follow all steps to get NVMe support for my Dell inspiron 3647 BIOS. I did a clean dump and inserted NvmExpressDxe_5.ffs into CSMCORE module successfully. I updated successfully. But… The “PATA” OR “PATA_SS” mode or something similar does not appear in the BIOS to identify NVME support. Could you check my MOD file and tell me where I’m going wrong???

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Since I don’t speek Portuguese and do not understand your request, I cannot help you.
Please translate your post!
Good lick!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

That was a mistake! Where did you find that advice?
According to my Guide you have to insert the NVMe module below the undermost listed GUID module of the DXE Driver Volume. The search for the CSMCORE module had only the sense to find that specific Volume within the BIOS.

see if I did it correctly now

It seems, that you haven’t inserted the NVMe module beyond the undermost listed module of the DXE Driver Volume (the “Freeform” module has a GUID!).
Please attach the modded and the original BIOS file (or give me the link to them).

Inside the rar are the Original Bios and Mod Bios

Inspiron-3647.rar (6.6 MB)

Insert it after the GUID: 30ACC954-36FF-4C09-B2F5-DFDDAB7002A5

This is the end position of the respective CSMCORE volume, you have placed before this last GUID and should be placed after, as last DXE driver position on the volume.

Just a note, the method you’re using is the UEFI tool method, the method with the AMI MMtool 4.x (5.x can insert the small_variant_4) requires additional available space on the volume for insertion, which requires additional actions, also linked in the guide.
But as you mentioned that the previous BAD mod was successfully flashed and the motherboard survived… seems she doesn’t complain about the method used.
Good luck.

“which requires additional actions” !!!
Am I skipping a process???
Despite having inserted the wrong module, he managed to rewrite the BIOS successfully. Could I have surprises this time?

I believe that you read the guide presented on the forum and not only the contents of this thread.
The guide presents 2 methods. But since you show only UEFitool captures, i presume you used this method.

You said it, not a “He”…

No one can assure you that or nothing at all… this is mod world, we are all subject to it…

By your new capture the DXE seems correctly inserted and the original Pad-File still in place.
The previous capture of the BAD mod, besides incorrectly placed, the pad was also destroyed.
So, if you did took your chances and flashed the BAD mod and no bricked board…it’s your decision only, to procede further.
All users should have backups of the full SPI IC and know how to recover from failures, that’s it. Good luck.

If my answer is uncomfortable to you, you can and should wait for Fernando’s or any other user pov.

Yes I read the entire guide. I even just made a MOD using the MMtool tool and it was inserted successfully by both. I will try resetting the BIOS again. Thanks


I just updated the BIOS with the new MOD and apparently the line “PATA” or “PATA_SS” or something similar does not appear in the BIOS.

Well, you said you read the guide… But all i see is that the system is in UEFI mode…
Is that what the guide tells you to do for testing?