(REQUEST)Dell Inspiron 620 ivy bridge support.

Hi ,i got an DELL Inspiron with the 0GDG8Y motherboard and with an I3 2120.And i will like to know if there is any easy way to make it support an ivy bridge I5 3470 .I searched all over the web and only found something about an DELL Vostro 620 but its a very complicated for me cuz im an basic user and i dont understand very much of Bios modding.It will be nice if it is any way.Regards and thanks. I attached a link to a drive folder that shows PC specs and the Bios chip code.

Hi! i got one of those motherboard and have a BIOS mod with all the menus unlocked. I would send it to you later

However, I couldn’t get the chipset menu unlocked. It seems like there may have to be a AMITSE edit. I am also trying to unlock the chipset menu since there are some intresting options. I just don’t understand why dell would restrict so many options, and I hope this may help. I think you would need some CPU microcode and a ME update

Hi, thanks for your answer. I tried updating de Intel ME but it says “no firmware detected” and updating microcodes i dont know how to do it. I asked on other Page (bios mod) and someone said that microcodes update wouldn’t work. Anyway if you can get somehow a way to make that board work with 3rd gen say it to me :slight_smile:

Yup, I saw the long thread on the other page. It seems like it is pretty difficult to make the motherboard support the new chips partly because of how old the bios is (2013). However, it seems possible since people made the HP z420 support 3rd gen xeons by updating the boot block, since HP had a new version of the motherboard that supported such chips. My best bet is to take some part of the bios from another similar model that supports 3rd gen chips, and inserting such code into the 620 bios. I don’t know how to do that though. It seems like the other people failed to do so, but It should be possible on a hardware level.

if theres any update please tell me im also running the 0gdg8y mother board and despretely want to upgrade to a ivy bridge cpu since its only 5£ more and a prety good upgrade Thanks