Request - Dell Inspiron 7567

Hi I have a Dell Inspiron 7567 with 1050Ti and i7 7700HQ.
This laptop has its thermal throttle point at really low temps. CPU thermal limit 85°c and GPU limit 74°c. In work load (rendering or gaming) both CPU and GPU is heavily throttling and pc is not usable. Even in daily use temps are bad and fans are ramping up so loud. (they are not controllable btw) I was bypassing these problems with throttlestop and asus gpu tweak ii but I just updated my bios to 1.12.1 and after update Dell restricted this PC even more. Now I can’t change my Clock Speeds or CPU voltage. Throttlestop and XTU is greyed out and I’m throttling again. Using computer that running like that is a pain in my [censored]. I really need some support from this community.

I’m using this pc in my business work and I can’t afford a new PC right now so I can’t “brick” it. I heard that this laptop has a bios writing guard or smth like that and flashing bios is hard to do. So if it’s too dangerous I can buy a Ch341a or I can give up because you know bad working pc is better than not having pc.

I managed to extract the dell’s exe bios it’s in the attachment.
I’m appreciating all the replies or the work already.

1 – 1 System BIOS with BIOS Guard (4.7 MB)