[Request] Dell Inspiron 7775 mod for newer Ryzen CPU Support

I have an older Dell Inspiron 27 All-in-One desktop with an R7 1700 + Rx 580 that I would love to be able to update to a newer generation Ryzen processor. The motherboard (Dell 0KFKMF) utilizes a b350 chipset according to HWInfo64, and current Dell bios’s include AGESA, which should theoretically support cpu’s beyond Ryzen 1000 series. From what I can tell no one has been able to get a ryzen+ or better cpu to work in this system. I’ve been learning about Insyde BIOS modding and have played with H20EZE and UEFI Tool, which lead me here. Unfortunately it appears to me that this is likely beyond my ability at this time. I was curious if anyone on this forum thinks this is even possible/likes a challenge? :smiley: Thanks for any info!