[Request] Dell Precision M4700 A19 with Quadro M2000M Support

The Dell Precision M4700 is yet another Dell PC that is “locked down”. The Quadro M2000M is not officially supported, but the user can install it. For Nvidia cards, the user can set the bios to “Optimus” when using Windows 7+ which sets the iGPU on the output to the screen and the NVidia card goes through the iGPU. For supported GPU’s, the user can disable Optimus in the bios (if it is an Nvidia as AMD cards do not even get the Optimus option), and the Nvidia card is used without the CPU’s iGPU. Since the Dell Precision M4700 A19 bios “does not support” the Dell Quadro M2000M, the user will only have a black display if Optimus is disabled in the bios.

I need to edit the Dell Precision M4700 A19 bios so that it will utilize the Dell Quadro M2000M after I disable Optimus in the bios.

The Quadro M2000M (when iGPU is not used) = VEN_10DE&DEV_13B0&SUBSYS_053E1028

If I can get this working without the CPU’s iGPU with the Quadro M2000M, I have no problem giving some mula for a reward…

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Hello, Dunno if you were able to get a solution to this, but here’s a thread to someone who was able to do it successfully including the M2200M card