[REQUEST] Disable 3 settings in BIOS


I have a BIOS bin file(Aptio V), in which I am trying to disable 3 properties. (because I’m having random freezes when they are enabled)

- CPU C state Report
- S0ix

I’ve tried using AMIBCP to edit it, and also UEFItools manually changing the relevant bytes in a hex editor. Unfortunately every time I try flashing the modified BIOS using fptw64.exe or my programmer it won’t boot. I am then flashing the original bios using the programmer, and it works again :slight_smile:

I’ve been following a lot of the guides and posts on this and various other forums, but I thought it was time to reach out and ask for help now, since I don’t have much success myself :slight_smile:

I don’t know if paid requests for help is ok here, but it’s something I need to make work in my business, so I’d like to pay/donate if someone is able to help.

I’m looking very much forward to hear if someone can help.


@porsager - Sorry I missed your post until now!! Always buried and behind here
What is the brand, model etc. Please link me to the stock BIOS download page.

So, you can flash mod BIOS region in with FPT (FPTw.exe -bios -f file.bin) on this system? If yes, great, one less hurdle But, of course, since you have programmer, that would never be an issue.

This system may have Intel Boot Guard burned into the PCH, but I can’t tell you how to check until you link me to the stock BIOS download.