[REQUEST] Drawing Tablet Drivers

Every drawing tablet driver I have encountered has a polling rate of 100 - 133. Being the epic gamer that I am, this isn’t enough. Playing osu! at 240hz with a 133hz polling rate drawing tablet is a bruh moment.

If anyone knows a driver for wacom intuos that has a polling rate of at least 240 (1000 would be amazing), or if there is a way to edit the wacom drivers themselves to increase the polling rate.

Any information would be very cash money of you

I don’t know about polling rates, but there’s this driver that’s optimized specifically for osu!: https://github.com/hawku/TabletDriver

And this one that seems to be based on that driver with more commits: https://github.com/InfinityGhost/TabletDriver

I got a CTH-470 recently and regardless of the driver (default W10, Wacom, hawku), the tablet was generally terrible. Meanwhile, it felt responsive and had all features working on Linux (Fedora 32) without doing anything. I’d be more confident on using the tablet in Linux than dealing with the driver mess and half-working tablet on Windows, and osu! last I checked worked great either natively (lazer) and through Wine.

there is an open source hawku driver that has been made that supports Wacom and XP-Pen tablets as mentioned above.
These were made to reduce input latency to increase performance in osu! game.
for my experience it’s better than the XP-Pen’s tablet drive - https://www.xp-pen.com/download/index