[REQUEST] Emerald Lake CRB QM67 Ivy Bridge support

Hello! Would it be possible to get Ivy Bridge working on this motherboard with the stock firmware? It has the QM67 chipset. Inserting the 306A4 microcode alone is not enough and results in a S0 state hang(before USB init). Tried with the QBCH ES.

DUMP: https://xorg-broke-aga.in/emeraldlake.rom
md5sum: 69252165ad13a9b20cba02da8b63b638

@digmorepaka - I think, before anything else, you need ME8 FW and this is not something you can easily update (ME FW major upate 7 to 8) because many other BIOS modules also need updated when major ME version change.
You should ask for help about this at BIOS-mods forum, if anyone can help or tell you yes/no for sure it would be @DeathBringer

Only certain QM67 can work with Ivy

@Lost_N_BIOS Hm, why would the ME FW update be necessary? As far as i can tell my other QM67 machines work fine on ivy with ME7.

My first words were “I think” it’s not a must in all cases. Some BIOS are ready without it, but made that way by the manufacturer, others that need updated to ME8 also need to be made by the manufacturer as well.
What other QM67 systems do you have? I’ve only read it’s possible, but rare on QM67. As a simple test, I would try this with retail IVY of some sort + add microcode, if you think this system is OK with ME7

Alright! Thanks for the advice. I will try it with the retail chip.

The QM67 systems that i have running ivy and me7 are 2 ThinkPad T420 units one with QBCH(306A4) and 3630QM(306A9).