[Request] Enable Wake-on-LAN on HP Spectre x360

Hello, I am new in this forum and I take this opportunity to speak to and greet everyone.

My system:
Laptop Specs: HP Spectre x360 15 bl131ng.
System BIOS: AMI Aptio V F.43 UEFI
System Board: 827F
Network adapter: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265

I need to do a simple change in my BIOS. I just need to enable wake on Lan (WOL) on my laptop. Note, my laptop does not have an ethernet port! So I thought maybe Wake on WLAN would be option. As I can see in some UEFI threads on the internet that such option is available. But I am not sure if my Motherboard even provides the required power path for my Network adapter to physically power up my board. But hey! Wanted to try it!

But HP sadly enough have locked me out of access to the Advanced Tab with special power management options in my BIOS!! What a bummer. All I want is unlock this menu, without having to re-flash the BIOS. As I have read here and other forums, it is a very risky and tricky process and I don’t trust my self and want to avoid the risk of breaking such an expensive piece of HW.

Is there a way where we can locate-modify the locking variable for 1)Advanced Menu? OR 2) Wake on W/LAN options? If not, I would highly appreciate if one of the experts on this forum helped me to go through the necessary steps and break it down for me or can maybe point out a guide I should read or follow. Much appreciated.

I have already went through the following articles:
BIOS Modding: Introduction and Preparations
[Tool Guide+News] “UEFI BIOS Updater” (UBU)
[Solved] How to Unlock HP Insyde BIOSes → did not understand where to start.

I don’t know how I can get an image or my currently installed BIOS. So I used the downloaded HP BIOS “.exe” file (should be identical to mine), to create a copy of BIOS image, I ended up with 2 files,
1) 0872F.sig (PGP encrypted signature file, which for sure was not encrypted with my PUBLIC Key )
2) 0872F.bin which I could load in MMTool 5.02.0025 and also in the UBU Tool. But then what?

Cheers Guys

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Hey @Lost_N_BIOS , I am reaching out for help. Do you have advice for me maybe?

I know this post is quite old, but i’m currently also looking for this. I am using a thunderbolt dock so i hoped it would just works. Without this I don’t see a way to power on the laptop handsfree :frowning: