[Request] Enabling Hidden Options in Insyde H2O

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I would be grateful if someone could enable a couple of options in the bios settings in addition to disabling security when flashing in non UEFI environment, the required options are listed in a pdf inside the zip file with RWEverything report,

- Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
- Motherboard Model: Dell G5 15 SE 5505
- Bios revision: 1.5.0
- Bios Type: Insyde H2O
- Bios File: Attached
- RW Everything Report: Attached

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Many thanks in advance.

AcpiTbls.zip (390 KB)

Bios_File_Download_Link.pdf (17 KB)

Hi friend,
use this tool execute is as Admin and upload the result file here :


let me know