[Request] EVGA Classified SR2 BIOS with NVMe Support

I ask for help to be able to install a ssd hyperx predator, samsumg 950 pro or goldenfir nvme, in pci x16 of the evga sr2 classified board. thanks in advance!!!

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@Tirarayas :
For the Samsung 950 Pro you will not need a modded BIOS, because it has an NVMe Option ROM in-the-box and is bootable in Legacy mode (using the Master Boot Record partition scheme).
If you want to use another NVMe SSD, an NVMe EFI module within the BIOS will be required.
Where is the link to the BIOS?

this is the last.

PN: 270-WS-W555

Its a legacy bios, not UEFI.

EDIT: Not possible the mod, its not a PURE UEFI bios environment, as Fernando said, only NVMe disk with embedded controller (Option ROM) on it.

or this way: [Guide] NVMe-boot for systems with legacy BIOS and UEFI board (DUET-REFIND)

this is the last.

W555_A58.zip (1.26 MB)

Sorry for my ignorance, in the bios it puts me uefi and I thought it was like that. the problem is that I can’t install any ssd on the pci port because it doesn’t recognize it in bios or in windows 10. I don’t know what to do anymore.

I have looked at the forum in search of some solution, but neither with duet nor clover I can make it start. I’m sure there’s something I’m not doing right, it’s clear
when I try to install win10 with only the ssd disk, it asks me for drivers because no disk appears, nor in bios either. and I don’t know how to configure the bios to recognize it.

@Tirarayas : Which NVMe SSD did you test? Is it a new one or has it been used by someone else (maybe as member of a RAID array)?

Goldenfir new
Samsung used
Hyperx predator Kingston used

@Tirarayas : If none of the NVMe SSDs are detected by the OS Win10, I suspect, that the PCI/PCIe slots of your system do not support any connected Storage Controller.