[REQUEST] EVGA X58 Classified 3-way SLI XEON X5680 and X5675 support added


I recently obtained a EVGA X58 Classified 3-way SLI and would like to make use of the following 2 XEON CPUs:
intel Xeon X5675 6-core
intel Xeon X5680 6-core

The Exact specification of the motherboard is:

If someone would be able to add these 2 microcodes to this bios file I would be very happy since I have these 2 CPUs laying around and would like to see how far I can push them with this motherboard.

Thanks in advance,


Currently running Bios version E76083
I have added the bin file here for modding purpose, it is packed with Winrar.

E76083.rar (525 KB)

Further information which perhaps information which can help:

Bios is a award bios

After some more research I found the following answers:

With the modded bios which can be found on the evga forums you will have support for the latest westmere cpu’s.

However this specific board needs hardware modifications to be able to run westmere Xeon cpu’s.
So unless you are willing to bridge 2 connections with solder or a handmade jumper connection you best choose for a regular i7 Cpu.
On the EVGA forums there are good tutorials with detailed schedules of the board how to do it. And it is has been done before.

Of all the great boards EVGA launched for x58, this is the one to stay away from if you wish to use Xeons. Unless you are comfortable with modifying as discribed.

I sold my EVGA board and bought a Asus WS Professional with Xeon support out of the box.

@Woozah - Not all board revisions require that modification for Westmere, did you confirm yours did need it?