[Request] Excalibur G770 (thunderobot g7000s/Thunderobot 911 air) Bios Unlock 9th Gen Coffe Lake R

for accesing all hidden settings to install hackintosh and fan speed settings. (continuation of the title )

Excalibur G770 (thunderobot g7000s/Thunderobot 911 air)
CPU: i5 9300h Coffee Lake R
GPU: gtx 1050 3gb
RAM: 8gb single slot 2666mhz

Bios id: NLAH
Bios Version: CP/QP/TP, mine is BIOS Version/Date Insyde QP211, 25.10.2019 but others work too.

Mainboard: DANLAGMBAB0 rev:B
BaseBoard Manufacturer: Quanta
SMBIOS Version: 3.0
Embedded Controller Version: 1.71

Hope these informations are enough for modding my bios.
Because of i don’t have ch241a programmer I’m attaching the QP211.fd (20.x mb) file that comes out of the bios update application.

I hope you can help and I want to access all the settings that can be reached. RGB lights, fan control and necessary settings for
hackintosh, such as igpu or dgpu options (although there is no mux switch on the laptop)
I extracted the bios file with 7zip from the update program of the bios I am currently using.

NLAH_QP211_n.zip (5.29 MB)