[REQUEST] Extended NVME Support for ASUS Notebook G531GT


I wonder if it is possible to add in my bios support for an unsupported NVME.

I have a notebook Asus G531GT which originally had a NVME M.2 2280 WD_BLUE SN560 256GB and i bought a NVME M.2 2280 WD_BLACK SN850 1TB which freeze the notebook at startup, i am not even able to enter bios setup interface, simply freeze on Asus logo and only power works.

Is there any way to add support to this NVME or i should purchase a supported NVME drive?

Asus support team told that the drive is not on their supported devices and provided a list of supported devices which is incomplete, for sure there are few micron nvme ssd which works too. The following list was provided by Asus as supported devices, if you need to upgrade your NVME SSD please see the list below:
SSD P3X4 512GB M2 2280 NVME INT/SSDPEKNW512G8/002C/999CG3
SSD P3X2 256GB M2 2280 NVME KST/RBUSNS8154P3/256GJ3/8FK11T
SSD P3X4(VAL) 1TB M2 2280 NVME INT/SSDPEKNW010T8/002C/978350
SSD P3X4 1TB M2 2280 NVME(F) INT/SSDPEKNW010T8/002C/999CG4
SSD P3X2 512GB M2 2280 NVME WD/SDAPNUW-512G-1202/20200000
SSD P3X4(VAL) 512GB M2 2280 NVME INT/SSDPEKNW512G8/002C/976802
SSD P3X2 128GB M2 2280 NVME KST/RBUSNS8154P3/128GJ3/8FK11T

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If the bios originally had supported for NVMe, you can try Fernando NVMe mod and replace the NVMe DXE modules by his, a thought…
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Although I have moved your BIOS Modding Request into the matching Sub-Forum I doubt, that you will be able to solve your problem by a BIOS modification. I suspect a hardware issue.
If the NVMe BIOS module wouldn’t be compatible with your new NVMe SSD, you would have gotten the message, that no bootable disk drive has been found, but not a frozen ASUS logo.
As first step I recommend to check the health of your purchased 1 TB WD_Black SN50 SSD. For this purpose you should insert the SSD (directly or via M.2>PCIe Adapter) into any other suitable PC and look, whether it properly works or not.

Thanks, i have an USB adapter/enclosure and tested the NVME drive, works as expected, so probably is something with mainboard/bios they recommend another 1TB PCIe SSDPEKNW010T8 so the slot/interface should support the new nvme too i think.