[REQUEST], FA506IU, is it possible to unlock pcie4.0 feature with bios mod

[img]Hi everbody,

I know ryzen 4000 mobile doesn’t support pci 4.0 officially, yet something I have seen in my hwinfo made me curious about it. As you can see here, it seems like it has pci 4.0 support in its internal pcie gpp bridge to bus station which is connected to vega7 igpu under it.

To me it seems like this cpu support pci4.0 constitutionally but restricted to pci3.0 by amd.

So I wonder is it possible to unlock that feature somehow for external pcie bridges too like m.2 nvme port?

My notebook is Asus Tuf A15, FA506IU, bios version is FA506IU.314



pcie 4.0.jpg

Isn’t there anyone who has any idea? If it’s possible, I would like to buy this job from someone professional. I am adding new images from SIV64X app

pci 3.0.jpg

pci 4.0.jpg

RTX 2060 is not capable of utilizing pcie 4.let alone bandwidth capabilities of x16
Lower models even less so
You will gain nothing out of this even if you pull it off,sorry

you are right, I was thinking about using m.2 slot for egpu

Also not worth it.
most motherboards only support 1 full speed NVME m. 2 slot
Use it for a good ssd

my notebook has 2 full speed nvme, I have tested it, one is empty now :slight_smile:

Then its up to you :slight_smile:
dual or more gpu support is another question mark (exp,may need to disable dedicated one).Your product is still getting support.i recommend not messing with your bios for now though