[Request] Fixed GPU vBios for Asus TUF FX506Li

I updated the laptop’s bios using Armory Crate, and after the laptop rebooted the Graphics card shows unknown bios and gives an error 43. i can install GPU drivers but after a reboot, it loses the drivers. I can still see the GPU in NVFLash --list so i don’t believe the GPU is bricked. I believe if i can find a copy of the ROM file to install the Bios on the GPU it will work again, but Asus support just says this file is not available to the general public, even tho it can be quite easily exported if i had access to the same laptop :slight_smile:

This is an Asus FX506LI-I58512B1T
- Nvidia GTX 1650 ti GPU
- Windows 10 Pro
- 16Gigs Ram

Please see attached specs from CPU-Z

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Sir, rule No.0 says: ALWAYS DO A BACKUP DUMP BEFORE U MESS WITH FIRMWARES!!! ;o)))) I know, too late now…

Do the dump now!!! Even if its not fully healthy and working.

I wonder if there is a backup file saved automatically within the video bios update procedure for disaster recovery scenario. Too bad if its not… but I would check anyway temp directories of Windows and other ASUS Armoury Crate related directories in user profile and other places if maybe you will find some suspicious .DAT or .BIN file.

Your approach seems to be right but to get to exactly the same model/type FX506LI-I58512B1T with the same GPU would be a pure miracle facelifted by great luck. BUT I don’t really think, you need it! All you need is any brand of laptop with this “device ID 10DE 1F95” TU117M GPU (https://devicehunt.com/view/type/pci/vendor/10DE/device/1F95), its dump respectively. And that shall not be that hard to find.

You just need to be patient now since you were so impatient before…

Good Luck

Thank you for the reply, it appears that whe i flash the card now, it picks up all data accept the ram, and when rebooting it throws the GPU bios away again.

What you mean by "throws the GPU bios away" ? Would you post some photos of the flash procedure? I kinda cant imagine how would the system itself read/write into the vbios chip during POST, that is nonsense…

Anyway, I think the RAM chips are same on the classic cards as they are on mobile cards, you just need to know what chips are on your card and maybe find a vbios file for a card with the same chips.

Hi, I mean that i found a vBios that populates all the data in GPU-Z for the card accept the memory stays on "0" then when i reboot my laptop and check GPU-Z again, then all the information resets back to "Unknown" or "0"

I use nvflash

Open CMD as an administrator, then navigate to the folder then type the following commands
- nvflash -a
- nvflash --index=0 --protectoff
- nvflash --index=0 -6 {rom_file_name.rom

then it builds the data - and instructs me to restart for changes to take effect. however when I restart, then everything shows the same as before I flashed the card.

Here are the screenshots

Before Flash, After Flash then After reboot.

after reboot.PNG




Well, seems like this is the FW your are trying to use: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/225804/225804 Is that right? There is another bios here: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/232171/232171 which seems quite similar. According to HxD comparison there are only few text differences.

GPU-Z is also known for having many bugs with reading those data, version to version. So those 0/Unknown detections could be also one of those bugs.

I guess your laptop is already out of warranty. Otherwise such software fail that lead to a HW fail is a legitimate reason for warranty claim.

Seems like you really gotta wait till somebody uploads the proper vbios. Did you by any chance try to search for some backup dump?

It seems to me that the Asus software somehow crossflashed your graphics card from this:
to this:

So despite the GPU itself is still a TU117M detected as Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti, the firmware reflects a complete different GPU. But I also might be wrong. Nobody really knows what happened, what exactly the Armoury Crate did…

So now your card is

Thank you for the advice and reply, my laptop is still under warranty for 4 more months, i may have managed to arrange arrange a Courier to send the laptop to someone in the UK, then once its there, i will RMA it and have it collected at this persons house.

I really appreciate the help and advise offered, but i gave up now :slight_smile:

I will post the feedback from Asus here once the laptop has been either repaired or replaced.

Oh! Great! Good news for you then!

But then… I don’t really understand why did you try to fix it yourself if the ASUS SOFTWARE BROKE YOUR ASUS DEVICE IN WARRANTY PERIOD ;o)))) You have the right to demand them to fix it for free.


ANYWAY, please, once the laptop comes back, do the dump of the VBIOS and upload it!! I am quite curious to see what exactly it looks like and would like to compare it to other firmware.

Good luck!

haha, I will, I have just reset the laptop to factory defaults so everything has been removed apart from what it came out of the box.

I kind of needed the laptop to complete my degree with distance learning, so i was hoping i did not have to send it off, but i just bought a cheap laptop on Amazon for the time being, so i can live without it for a month or so :slight_smile:

i will upload is asap.