[Request] FM2A88M Extreme4+ new CPU A6-7480 FM2+

Hello Freaks !

i have problems with FM2A88M Extreme4+ (not V2, not Extreme6+) Motherboard to upgrade to A6-7480 released in 2018 , latest Bios from 2014.
As i know, i tried to update with newest OBO Tool, but i think there is missing VBIOS Carrizo and i dont know how to insert.
It exists an ASUS Bios from A68HM-K which supports this CPU with GPU, there i saw the vbios version and dont know how to extract.
My Updates with UBU does not boot with the new CPU, but working well with old A4 CPU, will use it to flash bios.
Reason for upgrade is the newer VGA demux wich contains also H.265 Hardware and low cost price. I ´ll do flashing with a A4-4020 which works great with my modified bios 2.90

Link to my updated and working BIOS without VBIOS: F288ME42.90 AMI APTIO 4 BIOS
CPU wants to make work: A6-7480 ID: AD7480ACABBOX , AD7480ACI23AB , short : AD7480AC

Asus BIOS from A68HM-K to extract all needs for patching: A68HM-K BIOS 2011

No matter if a constructed bios does not work, will have a working dump with my chip burner.

I also heard about “AGESA-Code CarrizoPI‑” or higher will be need to boot this CPU. Dont know what it is and where to download.
Found in this Article.

Thanks for your Help

PS: will donate if someone helps to make it working !!